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Thanks for any help you can give me! Android Forums Forums > Android Tablets > B&N NOOKcolor > Root - B&N NOOKcolor > Forums Forums Quick Links Recent Posts New Posts All New From Favorites Register My Forums My I had to reformat my card, and then I ended up using Win32diskimager. Somehow WIN.INI had been significantly modified at some point in the past, removing the vast majority of its configuration lines and settings. http://optimizexp.net/floppy-disk/winimage-error-reading-vmdk.php

perhaps there's some conflict between WinImage and some other program when those settings/addresses are missing. Use RMPrepUSB - File->USB option to copy the floppy disk image onto any spare USB flash drive you happen to have 3. FWIW, I'll attach my WIN.INI for reference as you [email protected]:Thank you as always for your long thorough technically detailed response. Thank you so much for the help. http://www.winimage.com/wimushlp/wini28z8.htm

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Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Twitter Sign Up All Content All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search Facebook Twitter Google You can start WinImage with options in the command line: 'WINIMAGE [source [destination] [options]]' 'WINIMAGE file.ima' :Load the file file.ima 'WINIMAGE file.ima A:' :Load the file file.ima, write on A: and Under Windows NT, WinImage can directly open a Fat32 partition on the disk (useful because Windows NT 4.0 cannot directly read Fat32 partitions). That's what I've used and it works most of the time.

Note: MSDOS is a licensed product and you should not distribute it or even use it if you do not have a Windows/DOS licence. This would not be from the diskette though, it would be through an image disk or catweasel image. Some guy is getting rid of alot of old stuph. Winimage Alternative SmartVersion Press Release Download SmartVersion?

Both the disks convert into image files with no problems at all. Winimage Portable Chris2005June 12th, 2006, 09:09 AMok. Edited to add: I put the card that my nephew wrote into the nook and followed the steps, but the nook just booted normally, and when I took the card back But remember!

You can use drag-and-drop from the Windows File manager to WinImage to inject data into an image, or from WinImage to another application to extract from it. Winimage 32 All rights reserved. If you have a grub4dos bootable CD or DVD, you can add the following menu.lst entry to boot this image: iftitle [if exist /freedos_sata_for_Ghost_288.ima] FreeDOS Ghost with AHCI SATA Optical Disk It's certainly been educational for me.

  1. Create an image from a real 1.44MB floppy disk (or USB floppy disk) To create a real, physical MS-DOS bootable floppy disk, use Windows to right-click on the A: drive icon
  2. U: 4.
  4. Would you be interested in taking a look at them?
  5. Now save the file using: File -> Save.
  6. FREEDOS_288.zip contains basic FreeDos boot files and loads also himem.
  7. All this and more is delivered in one intuitive user interface that enables imaging right out of the box.
  8. I'll bet if you do a search leave out KernelEx and make it fairly basic you will find info on the WIN.INI problem from people that are a bit better at
  9. I'm rebuilding my "imaging" machine and having a hard time getting Debian re-installed.

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And if this means you'd be able to extract individual files from an image (as opposed to having to dump the whole image to a floppy and read em off that http://androidforums.com/threads/having-trouble-rooting.247395/ I'm working on a program to access the imagedisk images and make the filesystem available to windows and linux. Winimage Free what a barnyard of crap that was.) Terry YagerJune 13th, 2006, 06:07 PMDoes it recognize any CP/M formats, or are we still 'stuck with' TeleDisk? --T Terry YagerJune 13th, 2006, 06:13 Winimage Registration Code I just removed the card, re-booted the computer and re-did the whole process.

File may be saved with a password. This directly led to the invalid page fault error in KRNL386.EXE and most likely the 2-digit year format in Date/Time Properties. Under Windows 95/98/Me or NT/2000/XP, .AVI files can also be played. The last I knew about teledisk, you were not supposed to use it to create new images, only to handle existing images. Create Floppy Disk Image

Recently I suddenly started getting a consistent page fault error in KRNL386.EXE upon attempting to load WinImage. Additionally it help you to create your own custom boot disk with hardware diagnostic. what a barnyard of crap that was.) The code is available as executables. More options in the self extractor.

It has worked, with tweaking, for most of the softsectored images I have thrown at it. Floppy Disk Image Writer Chris2005June 14th, 2006, 08:11 AM"I thought that Dave Dunfield reconsidered that decision?" To continue with the ID project? The FreeDos SYS command can put on either of these boot loaders...

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The CD-ROM ISO image creation option is now compatible with Windows95/98. select drive in win image 3. Classic Listbox Large Icon Small Icon List Details Theses options change the presentation of the directory in WinImage's main Windows. How To Use Winimage Note that the image that the mformat command creates is not a bootable image and it has no boot code.

The default status is - checked. -Use new DMF format technology: If this is not checked, WinImage formats DMF in the same way as in version 2.20. Save the whole FAT partition as an image using RMPrepUSB USB->File and use 2880SEC as the size (=1.44MB) Note - testing the image: If you made a bootable floppy image, the I didn't lock the sd so it wasn't able to write to the sd. How to make a floppy disk image boot to MS-DOS or FreeDOS The floppy disk image you have created may not be bootable.

it works fine and that copy is bootable just like the original. Of course, WinImage knows both INI and Registry so it is desirable to "tame" this program. WinImage uses the MD5 algorithm to build a 128 bit key, with Rijndael encryption. Contact me off list for a mailing address.

In the Control Panel, run the Imdisk Virtual Disk Driver and click the Mount new button 3. This allows you to minimize WinImage during long operations (floppy...), and be sure not to forget it! -Options for registered user: see Registering. After 30 days, if you wish to continue using WinImage, you need to register. You will need to add IO.SYS and then any other boot files required such as MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM.

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